Prof. A. H. Inamdar has planned to open regular colleges to teach success recipe. College will open only on every Saturday & Sunday. So that incompleteness of present education system will complimented to make youths successful.

We are looking for venture capitalist/ private equity investment for intensive advertisement so that world will come to know this one stop solution for any problem of youth.


New rules for success from Smart success for youth literally  convert failure in to success . When Introspect, I come to know...

-Mr. Anand Hemant Ingale
Pune (Maharashtra) India

How to keep spouse happy?section from smart success for youth is simply  the best.My married life was full of argument &...

-Mrs. K.M.Shaikh
Pune (Maharashtra) India

Smart study technique &getting job from smart success for youth is must for every youth. I was always scoring marks up to 50-60 %...

-Miss N. Asmita Naidu
Hydrabad (Andra Pradesh) India
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