Mr. Anand Hemant Ingale
Pune (Maharashtra) India

New rules for success from Smart success for youth literally  convert failure in to success . When Introspect, I come to know before I attend lectures of Prof. A. H. Inamdar I was an animal. Though I was highly educated, my mind was uncontrollable, so  I could not concentrate on what is needed, thus I tasted a lot of failure. After sir’s lecture on mind control, I can do with full concentration what is needed to do.
Sirs topics on positive thinking literally changed my life. In any problem I follow techniques of positive thinking & I find solution to any problem. I get  surprised to my intelligence which was discovered due to positive thinking.
Before I come in contact with sir more than half number of my decisions were proving wrong. I paid heavy price of wrong decision. Now nearly all decisions are proving correct. So the pace of progress increased a lot.
I am basically poor in mathematics. I make mistakes even in simple calculations. Boss was scolding so I decided to use calculator for every calculation though it is very simple. But I use to forget to use calculators & calculate orally to make mistakes as usual & get scolding from boss I was pity on me. When I learned visualized autosuggestions & applied it, using of calculator become habit. When there is any calculations I searches calculator, if calculator is not available, I uses calculator of mobile. Thus I got rid of headache of wrong calculation & subsequent scolding.
My boss was always harassing me to show that how big post he holds. Boss had disturbed my peace of mind.I use to abuse him in my mind even at home. I  read topics How to handle boss? and applied tips. A magic happened. Boss became friend, I enjoy my work.
In negotiation / dealing with people, I got cheated many times because people told me one thing & did opposite. Though the topics “Judging others mind”, I learned to detect whether it is same what people speak & will do.
I was suffering from pimples. I consulted the specialist doctor. But problem was not solved. I get of depressed. I read “How to control pimple” Then I come to know my doctor also don’t know some scientific facts about pimples some pimples were not getting cured totally. Now I am totally pimple free & mixing with group confidently.
Meanwhile my weight starts to increase. Many friends advised me to join weight loss centre. I did not join any centre but followed sir’s weight loss techniques. I lost 10 kg just in 1 month & maintained remaining weight. My friend ‘Anand’ asked which weight loss center did I join? Hurriedly I replied “Prof. Inamdars” slimming centre”.
On economic front though my salary package is very attractive, I was not included in rich class because I don’t have bank balance of millions from sir’s website I learnt secrets of money multiplication. Common people are afraid about ricks of share (equity) market. But sir made it very simple to understand by even layman. I followed those tips & tripled my money to invest these money in land & flat. But my friend told there is a lot of risk particularly about tile one piece of land / flat is sold to 7-8 persons.
I read the topics about real estate & called back to sir for my doubts. My all tensions vanished. I brought 0.20 hectare of land & one flat. Within a year price of land double because I followed strategies of real estate. I sold it. Yes, now I am rich!
On bed my performance was poor, wife was hating me indirectly, though she did not tell directly. I was noticing her displeasure in day time. I was afraid, if  I don’t satisfy, she may get attracted towards other man. I tried different medicine but no result. This delicate problem was also solved easily by sir’s topic “how to sexually satisfy spouse?”

Thanks a lot sir.


Mrs. K.M.Shaikh
Pune (Maharashtra) India

How to keep spouse happy?section from smart success for youth is simply  the best.My married life was full of argument & quarrels. I was about to divorce. When I read ‘how to keep spouse happy? by prof. A. H. Inamdar, I realized my mistakes & my married life became an enjoyment.
Physically I was also suffering. I did not sleep till 1 am. In the morning I have another problem of acidity. I was restless & getting irritated very easily. Sir advised me to follow tips from be healthy for ever section. Within a week, all my problems vanished for which I spent thousands of rupees for treatment.
I was having inferiority complex. Every time while taking new responsibility, I was afraid, whether I should do it or not? I followed the tips given in ‘how to develop confidence & how to think positive? from new rules of success section. My previous world full of fear & doubt changed to world of winner. Now I have confidence to face any problem and yes I shall solve it.
My beloved son Amir is talent. Now he is studying in 6th standard. He was not doing home work. If I help him to complete study at home, he was only physically involved so he was getting only 45/50 % marks. I join him to tuition. But no change at all.
I went again to Prof. Inamdar to seek advice. He simply told to read & execute techniques from smart child development and promised that all will change. And really all changed. I stopped to help or to force him to study. He left tuition. He study himself at home & scores about 80 % marks. 
When sir asked about permission to mention my mobile number in testimonials, I immediately replied yes because I have no any problem now so I have a lot of time to interact if some one called me.


Miss N. Asmita Naidu
Hydrabad (Andra Pradesh) India

Smart study technique &getting job from smart success for youth is must for every youth. I was always scoring marks up to 50-60 % when I followed smart study techniques & memory secrets written by Prof. Inamdar. I score unbelievable marks 92% in MCM exam.

Though I passed MCM with distinction I was confused about getting job due recession. I followed every points of sir’s topic regarding GD and interview. To my surprise I got the job in first attempt.
I am now sharing a personal matter because if you have such problems you will get help from sirs topics “How to pull in your love trap” I was loving one of my classmate. I won’t tell his name. But he was not     paying attention to me. So I was frustrated. I decided if he is not my life partner, then there won’t be any one. I followed all tricks from the topic. Wov, he also started to love me. Thanks a lot sir.


Mr. S. R. Fransis
Singapore (Other) Singapore

I was taking tension of small, small things. So I was unable to enjoy life. When I read the techniques from “Get rid of tension & sorrow immediately” from Prof. Inamdar’s website, I can get rid of tension within a minute & starts joyful journey of life again.
I was always in hurry, because time was limiting factor to cover all the works planned in a day. I followed smart ways of time management. I have spare time everyday after completion of works.


Mr. Tuo-Tse-Chung (MD)
Beijing (Other) China

I am an ambitious man. I can not achieve my big aim since last 5 years. I read the techniques from ‘How to achieve big aim?’ and applied within a year I have achieved my dream.

My son is in 5th standard. He was always getting 40 – 45% marks. I was nervous with his poor scoring. I decided to try tips from “how to increase brain power?” written by Prof. Inamdar. To my surprise in next semester exam, he scored 70% marks. Many many thanks to Prof. Inamdar.


Mr. Janab Shaukat Ali (MA 1st year)
Islamabad (Other) India

I was unable to finish a revision so I need to burn midnight candle. So next day I feel sleepy in exam hall.

While solving question paper, though I knew all the answers, I was unable to finish all questions. Thus though I am clever, I was not scoring more than 60% in exam. I came across website of Prof. A. H. Inamdar. Voraciously I read the topics speed writing and reading. Applied all the techniques in next semester exam. On eve of exam I finished my revision earlier and able to sleep 8 hours. Next day I finished all question paper within given time. Tips from topic ‘Smart question paper solving’ also helped a lot. And finally my big problem got solved.


Mr. S. Gopal (MBA)
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) India

I am working as manager. I applied all methods learnt in H. R. Management to motivate staff to complete target. But Alas! I was falling short of target. I come to know by my friend about this website created by Prof. A. H. Inamdar by my friends. I read the topic “how to motivate Staff for more work?” then I come to know why I was not achieving the target? Next time I followed Prof. Inamdar & crossed target first time in my life.
Further I was getting irritated while solving complaints. Which were resulting in arguments. It was disturbing peace of mind. I read the topic “Technique for handling complaints”. Now I am enjoying to solve complaints. Thanks Prof. A. H. Inamdar.


Mr. P. R. Banerjee (C.A.)
Kolkata (West Bengal) India

I am a hot tempered person. I was always get irritated. I never experienced a day with peace of mind. I want to get rid of anger. So I took advice but was unable to control anger. I was about to surrender to anger but my girlfriend advised to read topic of anger control on website created by Prof. A. H. Inamdar. She told that she had good result on same problem. Topic worked wonder for me. Now complete peace of mind is achieved.
Though I am C.A. I get cheated in one money transaction. So I was very frustrated. If this is situation with me, what would have been happen with common man? I read the topic “Smart money transactions” Which at first I neglected due to my ego, being C.A. I come to know many smart ways of money transaction which I don’t know before. I recommend to every one to read this topic to avoid being cheated in day to day life.


Mr. Advocate Shyam Harichandra Kadam (L.L.B)
Mumbai (Maharashtra) India

I am working as advocate. I bought one insurance policy on advice of insurance agent. When I  read “How to choose right Insurance” by Prof. A. H. Inamdar I come to know that agent cheated me. Because that policy was not my requirement but his, to earn more commission. I shall advice to read the topic before buying any insurance policy.
Further I read the “Buying Techniques” there are several methods to buy cheap and quality products. In one month, these strategies saved my Rs.2000/- Thanks sir for sharing your knowledge with us.


Mr. Dr. Krishna M Yadav (PhD)
Delhi (Other) India

 I have completed PhD soon I got job. Then  naturally next thing was marriage. I had my criteria for my fufure wife. Friends also advised me about the expectation from wife so I got confused. The girls also could not fulfill my expectation. I got bored. One of my friend advised to read “Essential criteria to select spouse” written by Prof. A. H. Inamdar. I read it and I come to know that two important criteria which I have not considered, would have been made my married life failure. I also dropped my false expectations. Decision process became very simple. I selected one of the girls I talked with.
After marriage, I decided to start business by leaving job. I discussed with my friend & relatives. By saying business has a lot of risk, they were discouraging me. I read “The business tips for beginners” by Prof. A. H. Inamdar. It provided me in and out of business to avoid inherent risks of business and raised my confidence about success in my chosen business. At any cost, soon I am going to start my own business.