Friends, ignorance is root cause of all sorrows. World is full of cheaters. Youths who are completing university education or who just started earning fall pray easily to cheaters. Life is very short to learn from our own mistakes. Busy youths don’t have time to read heavy books to learn from other’s mistakes. Though youth tried to read heavy book none of the books, is complete on given subject. Information freely and easily available on internet is incomplete & misguiding;

These problems gave birth to this website. The website is one stop solution to every problem of youth. Once you become member you will get life time support to solve your individual problems. Read the concerned topics & be knowledgeable to avoid sorrow. Let us start a knowledge movement in the world to make a world a happy place to live in.



New rules for success from Smart success for youth literally  convert failure in to success . When Introspect, I come to know...

-Mr. Anand Hemant Ingale
Pune (Maharashtra) India

How to keep spouse happy?section from smart success for youth is simply  the best.My married life was full of argument &...

-Mrs. K.M.Shaikh
Pune (Maharashtra) India

Smart study technique &getting job from smart success for youth is must for every youth. I was always scoring marks up to 50-60 %...

-Miss N. Asmita Naidu
Hydrabad (Andra Pradesh) India
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